Hi there!

We are Maxi & Jen, and we are on a daily hunt of happiness to fill this blog with feel-good ideas and messages!



Who am I?

I am a 25 year old fashion and beauty enthusiast from little, tiny Luxembourg. I always wanted to be one of the cool creative kids, so I spent 3 years of my life behind a computer screen, studying Graphic Design in Munich. After my time in Germany, I went on many crazy adventures to Indonesia, South America, Africa, all around Europe and even North America, while working as a freelance Graphic Designer.
Now I spend most of my days as a student at the Condé Nast College, in rainy London. And that is where I met Jen! I asked her right away if she wanted to be my partner in crime and drench the internet in positivity. So back behind the screen! I really hope you love seek-happiness.com as much as we do! 

What makes me happy?

Sunshine, squirrels and sweets! Really!
The attitude to happiness for me is actually quite simple.
I just try to remind myself, how lucky I am and try to be grateful, for the sunny days, just as well as the rainy, cozy ones.


Who am I?

At 25 years old, I have spent my life dedicated to travel and exploring all things new and beautiful. I am originally from Switzerland, moved to the United States at age 3 and then to the United Kingdom at 13. Having graduated high school in London, I spent 4 years in Florida receiving dual degrees in Psychology and Studio Art. After work experience in managing photography studios and assisting at a creative arts magazine, I moved to London to fully pursue my dream of working in fashion … and what a ride it’s been! I met Maxi at the Condé Nast College and our shared interest in positivity and happiness formed an immediate friendship …fast forward 7 months and seek-happiness.com was born! We are committed to sharing all things feel-good and uplifting in hopes of inspiring, motivating or simply provoking a smile.

What makes me happy?

My pets, wild flowers and new adventures! I feel most alive in creative environments surrounded by talented people doing what they love the most! I am constantly looking to learn something new and love making things with my own two hands.

Anyways! We hope you enjoy our blog! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!