Got a super cool yet fancy exhibition you want to go to? Be an eye-catcher with this colourful combination!  - M -

I myself looooove movie nights! Popcorn, comfy clothes and a good romantic comedy! It doesn’t get any better!  - M -

Fancy a walk in the rain? Jump in all the puddles you can find and take beautiful polaroid pictures, like this you make the best out of a rainy day!  - M -

Got to have comfy shoes for the endless walks around Ikea.  - M -

There is nothing better than the relaxed sunday brunch with your besties, especially when it is sunny outside and you can rock those sunglasses!  - M -

I myself just spend 12 hours on an airplane, and man, was I happy for the stretchy jeggings and the snuggly sweater I was wearing. Oh and don’t forget to hydrate and moisturise, because the airplane ventilation dries your skin out like nothing else. Safe travels!  - M -

It doesn’t have to be a girls night out. How about a fun and cosy night at home with your best friends, just watching some chick flicks and drinking champagne! - M -

I’ve seen this idea of turning a long shirt into a dress cycle around the internet and have always been a bit skeptical. I’m by no means a designer, so I never understood how a baggy shirt could transform into a summer dress in just 3 cuts and 1 knot… But here you have it Ladies and Gentlemen!  - J -

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Festival time! Rock on! - M -

I was flipping through an issue of Lula magazine and found myself desperate for this pair of totally ridiculous (-ly awesome) sunglasses. Realizing that I definitely did not need to spend money on yet another piece of flair, I set about trying to turn this into a cost effective DIY. At H&M the other day I found these earrings and it clicked!… I also found a pair of glasses that matched and then hurried home to start my newest bedazzling project!   - J - 

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I could use a holiday, and especially a day on the beach. How about you? Lets dream about some sun! - M -

This seems to be part of the new “cool girl uniform”. Black ripped jeans are everywhere. Do you want some too without buying a new pair? Just grab some old black jeans and your scissors and lets do this!  - M -

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It is sunny and warm, so lets head outside, put our heads on, get some ice cream and do some window shopping! - M -

About 2 years ago J.Crew released this necklace and I thought it was just about the greatest thing (neon coral, floral AND jeweled!)… Having said that, I also thought it was pretty expensive for something I could only get limited wear out of. As I was walking through Primark project hunting the other day, I came across a belt with exactly the same flowers and priced at only 7GBP! After looking at how it was put together, I was convinced I could turn it into a ‘get the look for less’ success.   - J -

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Oooooohhhmmmmmm …. Ready for some downwards dog? - M -